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My truth on being in a Relationship

My truth on being in a Relationship

I always refer to her as the biggest blessing of my life, but what I don’t talk about often is the fact that I knew her before even meeting. This might sound crazy but I knew her features, her loving attitude, the motherly sensibility, she’s an amazing wife and the only person that can truly motivate me. I knew her, and it was all about introspection, when you understand who you are it’s easier to find the missing piece of the puzzle.

This in no way means that it’s easy to be in a relationship, sometimes it’s hard to be by myself in an empty room, sharing my life with another person and co-parent is a daily juggle. But through the years I learned few lessons..

Be honest. There is no fancy way to do this, transparency is a key element of a healthy relationship, no jealousy, arguments or remembering all the lies you said. Be clear and direct with every piece of information, with her we never have discussions about going out at night, spending time with friends or doubting each others words.

Communicate, communicate and communicate. This is probably the most important part, share your feelings, your fears, expectations and reality. Especially for an entrepreneur like myself balancing between my business and personal life can be hard, but when you over comunicate with your partner she’ll understand and proactively try to help you.

Don’t be lazy. No one’s asking you to solve all the world’s problems and be superman, but handle your life. Take care of yourself, be a loving husband/father, be driven at work. Basic. Be who you want to attract, you cannot expect your spouse to be a hard worker when you are relaxing every night on the couch, or to have a perfect body when you are unhealthy. These are simple examples, but you get the point.

Support her. No, not through your bank account. Support her beliefs, her passions, her ambitions.. her goals. A relationship strengthens when both parties are actively growing, sharing knowledge and connecting on multiple levels. It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

And in particular, always treat her like you’re still trying to win her heart.

You need to know your Numbers

You need to know your Numbers