Welcome to my website. I'm 27yrs, husband and a dad with a really cool day job. Originally from Italy, now calling Budva home. Entrepreneur, Globetrotter and Thinker. Hope you have a nice stay!

Diary: Beach Celebration. When you Accomplish a Result!


Usually when it comes to personal things I tend to procrastinate, and I focus solely on work. I promised myself to finish the blog by the end of September because I wanted a way to keep a kind of logbook to watch with my kids when they'll grow up and relive those moments with them. Having also many relatives and friends scattered around the world it seemed a good way to share with them the most beautiful moments of our days. Less than a week later after the decision I completed the blog and I'm publishing the first post, namely the two-hour break that I gave myself today! And what better way to celebrate if not a walk along the beach and a dip in the sea with your family? Until next time, and good evening to all who read!

Early Start

Early Start