Hello, my name is Ruben Vergara Meersohn.


I’m an Italian native living in Budva, Montenegro with my wife Katya and my two kids, André Leon and Janni Rose. I work as a Manager. Basically, I'm the master puppeteer behind several companies.

Most of my time is dedicated to Wall Street International, a cultural Magazine written in six languages for which I'm the CEO and Founder. I enjoy running this Magazine as we touch several fields of interest while involving more than a thousand contributors. We banned constant negativity and chronicle news, bringing the pleasure of reading to the internet.

I'm also the Owner and COO of Villas Link, a luxury properties and concierge for villas specialists. If you see an outstanding villa in Italy, we are probably the guys behind it! We also have an Italian branch called Admaiora Group a pure B2B property management and rental company. 

Part of my work focuses also in consulting and managing other businesses in which I'm involved such as: Canalchiaro, the go-to place for health and natural products, Cecchi de' Rossi, a fashion company that produces the highest quality leather bags treated with wine, Le Zahir Lodges, two hotels that my family owns, one in Nosy Be and the other in Nosy Iranja, beautiful natural paradises in the middle of the northern sea of Madagascar.

I can work from anywhere, so I spend as much time as I can traveling. Most of my wanderlust centers around visiting new countries, family and business, but you’ll find a lot of reflections in my “Diary” too. 

Few biographical notes about me are that I was born on the 17th of August 1991, in case you are wondering it was a Saturday and I'm a Leo. The day before giving birth my mother and father were hiking in the woods, doing a 10km walk uphill, probably the reason why I love adventure. The first song I've ever heard is "I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams, it was playing in the radio in our mountain house while I was only one day old. I'm not an only child, I have a sister called Rayan, she's into Fashion and I'm trying to convince her to start blogging, but she's a teenager so the task is difficult.. Another fact that you might not know is that I dropped out of school at fourteen years old, and worked in the Chianti production as a first job. Later worked in a pizzeria as a waiter and as a steel factory worker. From my 15th birthday I became a white-collar worker for the second biggest translation company in the world. At seventeen I was living in Australia and later moved to United Kingdom. I founded my first company upon returning to Italy and later decided to relocate all my businesses to Montenegro where I've been living for the past five years.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, get motivated and find beauty in life. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!